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Chef Matthew Levinson is the Owner and Creator of Los Levi’s Tacos. Born and raised in Southern California, it seems as if destiny was always calling Chef Matthew Levinson towards the art of Mexican Cuisine. Growing up in a region of the world rich in the heritage of a fascinating and beautiful culture that is also accompanied with a deep and rich culinary history gave Chef Matthew the ability to experience food on another level.

Chef Matthew Levinson’s charisma and passion for the culinary arts has been the driving factor for his success over the last decade. Starting off as a young boy learning the basics of cooking from his father and uncle, Matthew took that initial excitement and curiosity of food head on and has actively pursued it since. Matthew started with gaining a solid foundation of education from Johnson and Wales University in Colorado. He then took that knowledge to the work force, feverishly grinding and working in some of the top restaurants in Colorado and California. At only age twenty-six, Matthew has managed to work and hold success among top restaurants and chefs that most people strive to achieve before their career is over.

Accumulating vast knowledge from his decade in the industry, Chef Matthew Levinson decided it was time to use his success to create something new. Thus, Los Levi’s Tacos was born. A project driven by passion, a respect of culture, and Chef Matthew’s culinary background, Los Levi’s Tacos comes from the purest form of love and creativity.

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