Where do you currently deliver to?2021-10-25T12:23:46-07:00

Los Levi’s Tacos currently offers delivery to parts of Ventura County and Los Angeles County. Specifically, in Ventura County we currently deliver to Westlake Village (91361, 91362), Thousand Oaks (91358, 91359, 91360), Newbury Park (91319, 91320), Moorpark (93020, 93021),  Oak Park (91377), and Simi Valley (93062, 93063, 93064, 93065, 93094, 93099). In Los Angeles County we deliver to Agoura Hills (91301, 91376), Calabasas (91302, 91372), Woodland Hills (91367), West Hills (91307), Canoga Park (91304), Tarzana (91356), Winnetka (91306), Reseda (91335, 91337), and Encino (91316, 91416).

When are you offering delivery on your Taco Kits?2022-03-09T10:30:02-08:00

Currently, Los Levi’s Tacos offers delivery on Taco Kits every Tuesday and Friday.

When do I have to place my order by to have it delivered this week?2022-03-09T10:29:29-08:00

For Tuesday delivery, you must place your order before 9:00pm that Sunday. For Friday delivery, you must place your order before 9:00pm that Wednesday. Additionally, Los Levi’s Tacos has a capacity on how many orders per week we take to guarantee quality. If you are placing your order before 9:00pm on a Sunday or Wednesday and it is not going through, then we have reached that week’s capacity and you’ll need to place your order for a later date.

Do I have to cook everything?2022-03-09T10:31:13-08:00

No, you do not have to cook everything. The only raw product that currently comes in a Los Levi’s Tacos Taco Kit is the Ready to Cook Marinated Meat. Everything else in the kit is either ready for consumption or simply needs to be heated up before consuming. For any help or assistance in how to cook your Ready to Cook Marinated Meat or how to reheat an item, check out our Cooking Tips page for more information.

Am I able to substitute something from a Taco Kit with a different Add-On?2021-02-24T12:21:45-08:00

No, Los Levi’s Tacos does not allow substitutions in the Taco Kits. The only customizable aspect of a Taco Kit is your choice of meat and your choice of tortilla.

I have a food allergy and am unsure what I can eat or not. How can I gain more information on this?2021-10-25T12:29:05-07:00

No worries! If you have a concern about a food allergy, just fill out our form on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Am I able to just purchase Add-On’s without purchasing a Taco Kit?2021-02-24T12:20:16-08:00

No. Los Levi’s Tacos does not sell Add-On’s alone. You must purchase a Taco Kit to purchase any of the Add-On’s we have to offer.

Do you have any Vegetarian or Vegan Options?2021-11-05T00:32:50-07:00

Yes we do! Our Ready to Eat Roasted Jackfruit Carnitas are vegan! The Jackfruit Carnitas Taco Kits are vegan as well (minus the side of crumbled queso fresco cheese that comes with every Taco Kit).

What is the difference between ‘Ready to Cook’ and ‘Ready to Eat’?2021-11-05T00:38:21-07:00

Our Ready to Cook products are marinated meats that are packaged and sold raw, and needed to be cooked by you before consumption. Our Ready to Eat products are fully cooked and ready to eat upon arrival!


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